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Chad Van Herk, Singer-Songwriter

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If you prefer to mail a donation, please make checks payable to:

Chad Van Herk Music
RE: Smile Donations
10702 State Road 17
Plymouth,IN 46563

Hello listeners! I present to you "A Smile for Everyone," a single from my upcoming album, Twisted Strings. This song was written for and is dedicated to my nephew Keel who was born with Down Syndrome, and 100% of the profits of this single will be donated to the National Down Syndrome Society (NDSS).

My sister and I have also produced a music video released on World Down Syndrome Day 2014, and the NDSS has promoted the video on their website and Facebook pages. Please consider purchasing the song, only $0.99, and share with others and encourage them to make the purchase also. Your dollar will directly result in brighter smiles for and from all with Down Syndrome, their families, friends and loved ones.

Available everywhere, including:

Thank you so much, and thanks for listening!



New Music Video!

Here is our music video for "A Smile for Everyone," written for my nephew
Keel who was born with Down Syndrome. 100% of the sales of this single are
donated to the National Down Syndrome Society. Only $0.99! Thanks for
watching, listening, purchasing and sharing!

Enjoy! ...I hope... Haha! :-)

Chorus Lyrics:

You got a smile for everyone,
You put one on everybody's face;
I'd walk the extra mile for anyone like you.
And the entire human race,
If we could smile for everyone
There'd be one on everybody's face.
I'd stop awhile and I'd smile too,
Because the world would be a beautiful place.

Thanks for watching, listening, purchasing and sharing!

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Click to hear, and come back often to listen in on the latest progress.

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Thanks for listening,



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