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Chad Van Herk, Singer-Songwriter

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"He's good...damn good" - "Absolutely awesome!" - "Lovin' It" - "Keeps the smiles coming and your soul feeling weightless" - "Beautiful" - "Makes my heart glad" - "Sounds amazing" - "Provides and escape from life's hectic pace" - "A mind massage" - "Five Stars" - "Perfect" - "Pretty much amazing" - "Makes me happy" - "Amazing, amazing, amazing. I can't get it out of my head" - various reviews and comments from iTunes, Pandora, and Youtube

Upcoming shows:

Saturday, 5/2/15 11am-Noon at the Marshall County Recycling Depot
Saturday, 6/13/15 9-12pm at the Swan Lake Resort
Saturday, 7/18/15 12-2pm at the Culver Lake Fest
Saturday, 8/8/15 9-12pm at the Swan Lake Resort

A third record, "Twisted Strings,"
will be released 5/1/15!

I'll be releasing a few teasers leading up to the release.
Check 'em out, and come back often to see more:

Thanks for listening,



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Watch "Leavin' Footprints" Official Music Video