Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Daydreaming Days Away Lyrics:

Well I'm lookin' up, I'm lookin' out,
For the silver lining on these grey clouds.
I keep seeing sunshine in the back of my mind
But there's no shadow thrown.

It's another day and another dollar--
I put one to the rent and one in the coffer.
I've been daydreaming my days away and I say we ought to go.


Gonna jump on a boat, backs to the world--
Nothing's gonna stop us once the jib is unfurled.
Water tanks topped off, food in the hold,
We're gonna run, run, run.
I don't know where I am, but I know where I'm not--
Gonna be with my baby sailing six to eight knots
On the sea, just my woman and me I know we're gonna run, run, run.

Ask me what's wrong, I'll tell you what's in the right--
I want to sing my song, don't want no fuss and no fight.
I'm just a simple man I take the middle path and carry no load.

Yeah I'm tired of the rat race and strugglin' on--
I'm gonna point this bow into the rising of the sun and
You can find us on the blue wide open travellin' road.


So toss me the bow line, 'cuz I'm shovin' off--
Gonna bear a rhum line 'til I see the Southern Cross.
I'll beseech Mother Nature for a quick beam reach
Until I'm safe inside a sound with a tropical beach.

Yeah, it's time to slow it down, time to regroup--
Time to live our lives aloud and have our sanity recouped.
There's so much I want to learn and so much this old world can teach