Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Fairy Queen Lyrics:

I fell for the Fairy Queen.
Saw her in my Springtime dream,
Hair of gold and eyes of green--
Danced with her into the sheen,
Into her resplendent beams.

Travelled to the jubilee,
Ate the cake and drank the tea.
In the night, among the trees,
Music played, enfolding me;
Locked me in, took the key.

Heard the past and future voice,
Granted time to make my choice.
Hitherto jocund rejoice,
Hereinafter pestle noise<.br> Here I answered with devoice.

Lewd, the white-haired jade she lie,
Hear the hands, they grant me wise!
Blissful people, smiling eyes
'Til I look away, they shy;
Darting back, they break disguise.

Just as no God ever would,
One path or the other stood.
Devil thought he had me good
'Til I lit into the wood;
Ran and hid in Fairyhood.

Thence she came in shafts of light,
Sensed my clamor, felt my fright.
Embracing her tree of life,
Dancing gently to my side,
Whispering t'would be alright.

I fly with the Fairy Queen,
See her in my ever-dream,
Hair of gold and eyes of green.
Dance with her into the sheen,
Inter her resplendent beams.

No moon in the new moon sky,
Just the Fairy Queen and I.