Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Maimiti and Me Lyrics:

Dancin' in the dawn, I'm up and I'm alone,
Just a shadow in the morning sun to anyone
On shore who might be walkin' on by.
Maimiti and me, we got places to be--
lines to draw on the face of the sea,
Temporary in time but permanent in my mind.

Sun's gettin' higher, place is gettin' wired,
Black goes blue and I'm thinking of you.
I miss all of those things that you do--
Splash and spray and float me this way,
Lift and push and throw me away,
Rock me, roll me, ebb and flow with the day. Hey!

But I'm so many,
Many miles way.
It's so funny,
After all these passing years and days
I just can't get you out of my daydreams,
I can't help thinking that maybe
Some day I will get to see you again. Hey!

Barefoot on the beach, my mind is out of reach
And I can only wish to practice what I preach--
Get my feet back into the beach sand.
Some day I'll grow sick of these seasons,
That's when I'll go back to the seas and
Aweigh with the windlass, away with an endless summer
All over again


Daydreamin' even though I'm days from the seas
And lord knows when I'll ever see them again.
I've been smitten by a midwest vixen--
Ever since I met her both our dreams have been mixin'
Man, it's hard to ride ponies on boats like Lyle Lovett's been singin'

Chorus 2x