Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Maybe Lyrics:

When I first saw you, I can't recall
We went to the same elementary school
You were in the second grade, I was in third
And our world was small

I would only chase the girls in my class at recess
You kept to the boys in your grade
Now we wonder where we just might be
If a friendship were made

Maybe we'd be rich, maybe we'd be poor
Maybe we'd be sailing to a tropical shore
Maybe I would ride horses, maybe you would sing.
Maybe we'd fly, maybe we'd crawl,
But baby I'm sure we'd have travelled far
Or maybe we'd be right where we are
And that's just fine

But maybe we'd have been, and then been done
And maybe we would have been over even before it'd begun
And maybe I'd be singing these songs to no one.

So baby I'll take us as we are
This is the best of all possible worlds by far
Anything else, I just can't wrap my head around
'Cuz maybe you'd be rich, and I would be poor
And we could never sail to those tropical shores;
I would never see you ride and you would never hear me sing

Maybe you would fly too high while I crawl,
Maybe I'd have packed up and travelled too far away
But baby I'd rather be right where we are
Because you're mine
Yeah baby I'd rather be right where we are
Because you're mine.