Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Moon, Stars and Satellites Lyrics:

Silence ends the night,
Now it's just you and I.
Lazy, gazing at the sky--
Precious moments in our lives.
You and me and the fireflies.
Moon and stars and satellites.

Hours away from sunrise,
I cannot see your eyes--
Black silhouette to night time skies.
You have a beautiful mind;
And you can't see me smile.
I smile 'cause you can't see me smile.

And when we sleep
Within the screen,
Night sounds keep--
Keep us spellbound,
Drifting in a dream<,br> Where nothing's as it seams.

Ooh, lalalalalala
Num Num, da dum da da da
Mmhmmm de lada dum da da

Dusk to dawn, from time to time
Skin to skin, side by side
Hand in hand and mind to mind
So close our thoughts collide
You and me and the fireflies
Moon and stars and satellites