Chad Van Herk - Singer/Songwriter

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Strong Hearts Lyrics:

I feel it more than ever--
There's a movement on the rise
Some kind of change in the weather,
A red dawn sunrise.

The natural world is my playground
And her love is shared by us all,
But we've abused her and we'll lose her
If we don't catch her 'fore she falls.

So lead us, strong hands
Strong minds, Strong hearts
Take us to new beginnings,
Guide us back to the start.

I climb her trees, I sail her breeze
And upon her waters, float.
But I break to make and suffocate
And upon my goods I gloat.

I give her seeds to supply my needs;
Her gifts with care do grow.
But if I take and then foresake
I will reap what I sow.

Both good and bad, both happy and sad,
Leaning now to the latters
We'd do good in brotherhood
To level up these matters


Leave her in the ever,
Give her more than your cries.
Your single choice echoes the voice
Of the movement on the rise.